Supreme Court of Thailand

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International Cooperation

     The Thai Judiciary has been recognized internationally for upholding social justice and the full protection of fundamental human rights. Some countries in Asia, especially those in the Indochina region, contemplate the roles and structures of the Thai Judiciary as a reference for the reformation and improvement of their justice systems. These countries, also, have requested the assistance of the Court of Justice in organizing legal and administrative training programs, arrangement for study visit of judicial officials, as well as arrangement to send Thai judges with special expertise to their countries in order to provide assistance in the establishment of domestic laws.

    Every year various groups of judges, senior legal officials, university professors and legal practitioners from abroad visit the Supreme Court for the purpose of observation and exchange of views and experience on the development of judicial systems, the structuring of the Court and its activities. The Supreme Court of Thailand also sends delegations abroad to participate in international conferences and visit foreign courts, relevant agencies and universities to study and research about the judicial system and laws of the other countries in order to keep pace with the new developments of judicial administration and laws.